Cowgirl Riding a Bull

Cowgirls riding a Bull.

This is one of our favorite stores in the whole world.  We are now saving 10% of the money we earn every week to buy REAL cowgirl boots.

Our favorite pastime has been growing all different flowers on the iPad 2 and sending them to everyone.  If you haven’t gotten yours, sorry, (we are making our way down the list). I am sure you will be getting one or 15 beautiful flowers real soon….

Here is how it works…..You have to plant the seeds, water it every day sometimes two or three times a day, and then fertilize them. Water some more, then you can pick them and send to them people.  It’s a free app and then you earn coins to buy more flowers, pots and fertilizer so you can do it all over again.

So look for yours it will be coming to an email near you!

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