We got a whole bunch of books at the library the other day…

Tugg and Teeny
Which way to witch school
The surfs, the snow giant
King tut’s tomb
Treasure of Greek mythology
And if you were there when they signed the constitution

The girls also picked out 3 videos…
Biz kids….what is money?
Animal mysteries
George Washington

The last book is kind of hard for the girls to understand, so I have been reading a chapter (1- 2 pages) and then go over it again to explain it a little better. So just bare with us this week, is a lot to learn and understand, especially for Isabelle.

We also did some fun science projects … First we practiced counting money and making change and then decided it need to be cleaned. I think next time we clean money I might have the girls try different kind of cleaning agents and see which one does the best. The girls still thought it was cool that you could clean money with coke.

The egg science project was to see which solution would allow an egg to float. We had four cups and added sugar, flour, salt to three of them. Belle picked flour because it looked the thickest and Mac choice salt. Mac was of course right – and both got the idea it was like salt water in the ocean.

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