How essential oils can help with Cold season

Let me start off by saying I am not a doctor or nurse and do not have any kind of degree in the medical field. I honestly get a little nauseous at this sight of blood. I have however,  found a product I love that helps with all our ailments along with over counter drugs and only go to doctors if necessary.

How essential oils can helpMy little youngsters took a Rock Climbing class this summer and got to hang out with other homeschool kids and “normal kids” during class. They all seemed to have the sniffles and passed it on to my kids, no reason not to share, right? I of course did the natural thing and ran to the drug store and got over the counter meds.

How essential oils can helpAfter a couple of days of a runny nose and coughing, I thought of a great idea. What if my new-found love of essential oils could help make us feel whole again. I dove into my new favorite book “essential oil bible” and found the oils I needed to help clear things up. My oldest found the oils for me and we decided to try little experiment. Here the recipe we used:

  • Fill a coffee up with some water about half full
  • Then get these five oils, to learn more and where to buy click here
  • Oregano  oil
  • Melaleuca  oil
  • Peppermint  oil
  • Lemon oil
  • and Grounded Blend
  • 2-3 drops each in water and put in microwave for about 1 minute.
  • Have the person breath in steam
  • Also try putting in your diffuser while you sleep or breath in the steam from the diffuser
  • add this along with your medications and over counter drugs

We tried this right before bed and right after we woke up. You will feel like and new person in the morning and able to breath again!!  Do this a couple times a day till you feeling better and back to your old silly self. Of course always ask take your regular meds and follow your doctors instructions.

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