Cleaning Monday – Swimming Tuesday

Monday we actually started by reading 6 books, the girls each read 2 books and I read the next chapter in the 2nd Harry Potter book.  I forget how much information is in the books compared to the movies.  Love Harry Potter!  I decided the house was a huge mess so today became cleaning Monday, I basically ordered the girls around and we all pitched in to get the house nice and pretty. The girls and I cleaned for an  3 hour then they played Barbie wedding up stairs. We finished up by going and seeing the fairy house and working on the little fairy houses more. We are almost ready to put them in the tree trunk.


At tumble gym the teacher had them do a mini workout. They had to do crunches, sit-ups, cartwheels, climb the rope ladder, and lots more exhausting activities, and Mrs. Lori and I was exhausted just watching. Then after we went to the dollar store to get more stuff for our fairy house and make valentine cards.

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On Tuesdays we went swimming at the aquatic center. Today lots of other homeschoolers joined us as they played mermaid, splashed, Played catch the ball, did synchronized hand stands and generally just having lots of fun. Then the Ghoul Scouts went to Dairy Queen for a sweet treat. I think today was our last time, they do not have very nice people working their, and they mess up our order every time, and always forget to bring out something, and I have to go beg for it, so my advise for everyone is do not eat at the Dairy Queen.

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  1. Love following along. One idea to help them look at everything as an opportunity for fun learning (not the boring kind) is to see if they can relate whatever it is they are doing to something they are learning — from cleaning to reading to swimming to gymnastics to diary queen! Like could we write a chapter of Harry Potter if it took place at the swimming pool, or if he had to clean his dorm room.

    Did you know that for almost every book there are lots and lots of “chapters” written by people other than the author? Here’s a link to 78,000 chapters written for “Harry Potter Fanfiction”! Maybe the girls would like to try their hand at something like that! Or they could make jewelry for the story, or . . .

    Have a great rest of the week!