Class Dismissed Movie Review in San Antonio

Class Dismissed Movie Review I am so excited today because I finally got to see a private screening of the movie “Class Dismissed”.  We enjoyed the movie and everyone loved how it showed the good side of homeschooling. ‘Class Dismissed’ movie follows a family as they pull their two kids out of school and take education into their own hands.  They chronicle the family as they try different curricula, and types of homeschooling. We see their struggles, joys, and concerns with homeschooling.  We learn what type of homeschooling works for the family. My favorite part was the interviews with experts on homeschooling. Teachers and principles discussed how the school has changed and how it should change for future children.


What the kids think of the movie

Class Dismissed Movie Review Hugs (10 yr old) said, “Class Dismissed was cool and explained how we homeschool.  It will help others think we aren’t loony and freaks of nature”. Munchy (12 yr old) said,  “I think it was funny that they thought school was a prison.  It talked about lots of different ways you could homeschool and no one way was right. I liked that they talked to the public about homeschooling”. Chrissie (mom) said, ” I loved to see it all put together because I have been on a committee to help promote the movie. I was happy to see a  positive spin on homeschooling. Ann (our friend) said, “It helps emphasize that she has made the right decision to homeschool.  I know even though we have bad days that our homeschool kids will turn out great “.

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