Christmas gifts every parent who travels full-time would love

Christmas is almost upon us and I have created a Christmas gift every parent who travels full-time would love. We have been traveling for over three years so I feel like we know what every Fulltime Family needs.  These are gifts that we already have or want this Christmas season.

Christmas gifts for Mom

  • Handmade Jewelry from Amazon:
  • Instant Pot – I couldn’t live without our IP.  This cool tool will cook frozen spaghetti meatballs and pasta in under 10 minutes, cakes, soups, and frozen chicken in an hour
  • Joseph Joseph Kitchen – I love all his products they are not only great for an RV but don’t take up a lot of space and are so colorful
  • Portable Ice Maker – Most RV fridges do not come with an ice maker. Ours makes ice faster than I ever thought possible and has put a smile on my face.
  • New Faucet – this is the first thing you should get when you go full-time.  The tiny faucets they include in campers make washing dishes impossible.  It has made our life so much easier and looks awesome too.
  • Mini Kitchen Aid – this one is on my Christmas list. We couldn’t bring our big kitchen aid and this will fit the bill, it’s compact and works as good as a big one, perfect for an RV.
  • Oxygenic Shower Head – everyone should have one of these little babies.  This showerhead not only saves water but allows me to wash my hair twice and shave my legs. Men that’s huge when camping!
  • Induction Cook Top – This is great for kids because as soon as you take the post off the heat turns off, no burning little hands.  It boils water in 90 seconds but you do need special pans, hint: cast iron skillets work the best.
  • Washer Dryer Combo – This has been on my list since we started traveling.  Honestly, this is not a must-have but it would sure be nice not to have to spend the day at the laundry mat. I suggest a ventless because though the cycle may take a little longer no one can tell you have a washer in your rig.

Christmas Gifts for Dad

  • Smart PlugThis plug makes hooking up to shore power so easily. It actually is from the boating industry but works great for campers. The tines are 30% larger which allows better flow of electricity.
  • Lippert Waste Management Sewer LineThe system has a cam lock system which has fewer leaks compared to the Bennett system that comes on most sewer lines.
  • Yeti CupThese are great for travel days. They help keep ice from melting so on long travel days you will have a nice cold drink all day. Now they offer lots of colors besides silver
  • Outdoor GrillEvery man needs a grill. When camping most of your time outside and who doesn’t love those grill marks on their favorite steak.
  • Heated HoseIf you want to stay in cold weather while this is a must-have. This hose will allow you to hook up the water without it freezing
  • Men Utility KiltEvery man needs a Utila Kilt. My husband loves his and loves the reactions he gets when wearing it. He says that it gives you great mobility, it’s freeing, and loves the side pockets for holding tools and his knife.
  • Cast Iron Pot I am getting this for my husband this year. We spend a lot of time outside and want to do more one-fire cooking. It is also the best pan for an induction cooktop.
  • Mora knife Garberg – This is my husband’s favorite knife. carry system allows for left and right carry, its stainless steel will take less maintenance to take care of it especially if you are in a saltwater environment.

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