How Chef Isabelle makes a mini hamburger

Chef Isabelle’s mini hamburgers

While McKenzey went to gymnastics Chef Isabelle helped Michael make dinner.  She made mini hamburger seasoned with onion soup with a side of asparagus.  Chef Isabelle made all the hamburger patties herself and Daddy cooked them and then she put the canned asparagus in the pot and watch them cook.  Then when we got home she put everything together for us and served.

Here are plants they have babies, Yea!  We have been watering them every day and hopefully, we will have flowers soon!!

We made some origami, a ring, and a fish.  The fish did not turn out so great but the ring actually turned out and even fit our fingers.  The girls were so excited that we made it out of a dollar and gave it to our waitress because she was so nice to us.

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