Celebrating three year Nomadic Anniversary

I can’t believe we have traveled for over three years, and we are celebrating our third Nomadic Anniversary, man time has flown by. We have visited over 40 states, museums, and more zoos than I can count. We have seen bears, buffalo, zip lined, ventured into caves, and even climbed mountains. Hiked through forests, cooked smores, went swimming in HotSprings. Made a snow thrown, and drove part of route 66 with hopes to drive it all. We have met some amazing people, made friends along the way and have countless stories. I am sure the girls are sick of hearing how amazing their life is and how cool it must be to travel at such a young age.

Rain Forest Cafe

img_4852Every Anniversary we celebrate at the Rain Forest Cafe and this year was no exception. We love visiting the animated restaurant and eating their world-famous Safari Soup. This year we spent it at Nashville Shores which is known by the locals for the water park. Sadly, the water park was not open but the girls did get to go on the ropes course. Because they are not 16 yet, I joined them which put me way out of my comfort zone but I had a blast.


img_4860We visited the Parthenon in downtown Nashville. I think we have tried to visit it for the last three years and finally made it. We have read all the Percy Jackson books and seen all the movies and wanted to see Athena which was in the first movie. She looked completely different but since she was not in the book at all, no surprise. Definitely worth a stop to see this amazing building and the artwork inside.  We did learn that Nashville built the Parthenon because it used to be called “Athens of the South”. Total cost $20, for all four of us and make sure you pay cash to avoid credit card fees.

Best Bar-B-Que in Nashville

img_4876The last place we visit was the Peg Leg Porker, which by the name was amazing. We had to check it out and have some yummy Bar-B-Que. Get there early for lunch and make sure you are hungry. Mac and I had the sandwich and the other two had the ribs. I suggest the Mac and Cheese, and if you have room try the wings.

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