Best way for Unschooler to learn about animals? Birmingham Zoo

What is the best way for kids to get excited about animals, their habitats, and where they live? Go visit a zoo, kids that are homeschooled or go to “normal school” love going to the zoo and learn more by seeing, touching, and hearing the animals. We love going to the zoo and it’s even better when you get in free but more on that later. At first glance, the Birmingham Zoo does not look Continue reading

I Could Never Homeschool, and Unschooling Scares Me

Are you considering Unschooling? I know what you are thinking: I Could Never Homeschool, and Unschooling Scares Me. When I first began, I was just as scared as you were when I started, but I jumped headfirst into the homeschooling world and learned as I went. I am still learning every day, reading, and searching the internet. On playdates, with my other homeschooling families I would ask parents questions and always ask my kids what Continue reading

Columbia Zoo

Animals and Gardens at Columbia Zoo The Columbia Zoo was almost as much fun as the museum.  We made it before the huge crowds on Saturday and before the heat.  The best part is that they were cleaning the cages and feeding some of the animals, and that is always fun to watch.  My favorite was feeding the giraffes, I love how long their tongues are.  In the bird habitats it is always fun to Continue reading

Last Zoo class Jacksonville

Today was our last day of zoo class.  The girls have really liked it and so have the moms.  The kids learned about the rainforest, how squirrels bury their seeds and forget about them, they learned how to tell the age of a tree, they planted seeds so we could watch them grow at home, they all got awards for doing such an amazing job in class, and the best part is they learned how Continue reading

Relaxing day Jacksonville Zoo

This weekend we went to Jacksonville to see my cousin’s new baby boy, and visit his very cool older brother.  Then after everyone held the precious little boy we went to the Jacksonville Zoo to see some animals.  The girls showed Michael their classroom, and then gave him a tour of the zoo and told us all the neat stuff they had been learning in class.  

Wetlands – Jacksonville Zoo class

I love it when we have our class at the Jacksonville Zoo.  We get 3 hours to go shopping without any kids (huge treat) and the kids have so much fun seeing the zoo animals, playing games, making crafts and leaning a little something about the animals and the environment. Jacksonville Zoo Class Today was about the wetlands, oceans, and what creatures live there and how they affect our ecosystem.  We did a jeopardy quiz Continue reading