How to create a tiny ART studio for an RV

How to create a tiny Art studio for an RV? Living in an RV has a lot of challenges especially when you like to do crafts with your kids, have an art business or you just want a desk where you can work.  The first step is to find an area in your small home that is big enough for a desk or table.  I knew I needed a craft area so we chose a Continue reading

Best spots to explore in St. Louis if you only have one day

Put on your running shoes and explore St. Louis with us.  Lets say you only have one day to visit the “The Gateway to the West” and you want your kids to remember the city.  Where would you go? How can I save some money and make it fun for the whole family? The St. Louis Arch is the symbol that stands out in everyone mind when you think of St. Louis and it is a Continue reading

How to Park a big Honking truck in downtown Chicago

Like most Fulltime families we have a big huge truck that pull our 5th wheel to all of our amazing locations.  The problem that we always have, is how to park a big truck or car in downtown Chicago.  Not only is downtown Chicago the windy city but it has a lot of one way streets with lots of people and cars going every which direction. My bucket list has all the major cities on Continue reading

Fun Facts about the Mall of America

I imagine that heaven (for me) would be the Mall of America, a credit card with unlimited funds and stores open for 24 hours a day.  Really, I have no idea where I would put half the stuff I saw, but it was a blast shopping, dreaming and letting the girls ride roller coasters. Yep, that’s right , Nickelodeon Universe has over 27 rides in the middle of the mall and it is huge.  This Continue reading

Roadside Fun: Name the fort that Custer road out on his ill-fated expedition

Ok we all learned the answer in school, right?  If you were listening, which most of the time I was a sleep or in LaLa land (it was a great place) then you may or may not remember this little part of the history lesson.  Believe it or not the girls first learned about Custer in the movie “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” and we discussed it when we visited Little Big Continue reading

When is best time visit the Dakota Zoo 

Even though this zoo was not the biggest we found the best time to visit the Dakota Zoo. We have seen it was full of different amazing animals and huge enclosures for each one. Dakota Zoo was the dream of Marc & Betty Christianson and became a reality in 1961 with the help of volunteers and lots of donations. The best time to visit the Dakota Zoo is right after school starts because it’s not busy Continue reading