Our First Year of Travel Nomadaversary

It’s our “NOMADAVERSARY” (Nomadic Anniversary) of traveling for our first year on the road!  We did it, and we love it so much that we are going to keep going.  Yep, we have family members, friends, and complete strangers who think we are crazy.  I say if you’re not a little crazy, you can’t do what we are doing or have done! We left our sticks and bricks house for adventure, memories, and lots of laughs. We Continue reading

Melt in Your Mouth Old Kentucky Chocolate Factory tour

Kentucky folks pride themselves on Kentucky basketball, University of Kentucky football, horse racing, and good old Kentucky Chocolate.  If you ask anyone from Kentucky who has the best chocolate, they will all answer, “You haven’t tried chocolate until you tried chocolate from the Old Kentucky Chocolate Factory.” We decided they were right and took a tour of that factory with my Aunt Peggy. Don Hurt founded Old Kentucky Chocolate over factory 50 years ago, in 1964, Continue reading

Home for Retired Legends and Great Athletes

Have you ever wondered where great athletes go to retire? I’m talking about racing horses that make millions of dollars for their owners. In the past, these athletes sold for as little as $1,000 and were sent to slaughterhouses.  It was heartbreaking to hear these amazing animals were being discarded and thrown away as soon as they quit winning races or producing offspring. This was so upsetting to Michael Blowen that he started a non-profit Continue reading

Interview with Michael Burrell a Local Artist in Kentucky

It is always exciting to meet someone famous and especially exciting when you get to interview them.  We had the privilege of meeting a local artist, Michael Burrell, founder of Flying Armadillo Sign Company. He has done artwork or billboards for major companies such as Nike, Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Miller Lite, Rainbow Bread, Hanna Barbara, Piedmont Airlines, Pepsi, and Ale-8 Bottling Company, as well as many more. Here in Lexington, Kentucky Michael was asked Continue reading

Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, The Official Kentucky-Japan Friendship Garden

Who knew that you could learn about Japanese culture and visit an almost six-acre garden in the middle of ‘horse country’.  There is a huge Japanese influence in Georgetown since the Toyota plant was built in the early 80s.  This Japanese garden is one of the largest public Japanese gardens in the United States and the first such in Kentucky. This serene garden is built along Elkhorn Creek and was co-designed and executed by Steve Continue reading

20 Humorous Questions About Unschooling

I thought we needed a little laugh this morning, so the girls and I put together these questions and answers. Here are 20 Humorous Questions About Unschooling. I laugh sometimes at the questions people ask, and, although we would never dream of saying these answers, the thoughts do flash in my mind along with a split-second cartoon animation of what I am really thinking.  So if you ever ask a question to a homeschooler, and they Continue reading