Nspire (no, that’s not a typo) Students in Science and Math

Texas Instruments is one of the leading companies helping teachers. Students learn science concepts in a deeper, more engaging way. Nspire provides ready-to-use lessons that cover essential science topics. Build a more profound understanding of the math concepts. Many research websites show it is tough to learn.  Nspire offers an easy, accurate, and inexpensive way to get students started with real-world data collection. We were actually given a TI-Nspire CX CAS handheld graphing calculator and an Continue reading

Summer day 18 become a spy for the day

become a spy

Have you ever wanted to become a spy and sneak around and see what everyone else is up to and not be caught by the neighbors or even your brother or sister?  Well, this is what the girls did today, they became spies.  How do you become a spy?? First you need lots of spy gadgets, which Huggy has collected for about a year now. Anytime we go to the store she wants spy gear Continue reading

solve Case 9

We need help agents solving case 9. This week Dr. Huckbuckle has stolen a piece of art.  She actually was able to get inside the museum at night, kill all the cameras and take the piece of art without being seen. To catch her agents we need the name of the painting and the artist. Help us agents, feel in the comments below the post and don’t forget your name and email.  Good luck agent!! Continue reading

Solve case 8

Solve Case 8 agents, we need your help again!! This time in case 8, Dr. Hucklebuckle is getting silly and has stolen – well – you guys figure it out – I am still shaking my head with confusion!!  It is one of the biggest and have no idea why Dr. Hucklebuckle would need or want the thing she stole.  Feel out the comments and let us know the item she stole and where it Continue reading

Solve Case 7

Case 7 is one that I cannot figure out and we need your help agents.  Dr. Hucklebuckle is up to her old tricks and has once again stolen a very important part of history.  Watch the video kids and help us solve case 7, tell us the name of the item and what she stole.  Good Luck Agents!! The Answer to last week case  6 was….The Park Guell in Barcelona Well, she has returned the Park back Continue reading

Solve case 6

Help Munchy and Huggy figure out what Dr. Hucklebuckle has stolen this time. In case 6 Dr. Hucklebuckle stole something very colorful and huge.  We need your help agents to figure out what she has stolen this time, watch the video to figure out the clues…. The answer to last week,  case 5, was …. The HOLLYWOOD SIGN Good job agent Rylee, We are so proud you figured it out, that was a tough one!! Continue reading