Do these Seven Fantastic things while visiting York Pennsylvania with Kids

Finding inexpensive activities in York Pennsylvania with Kids is always a challenge but York offers more than the average town. It is known as the Factory Capital of the World. Kids are welcome at all the tours and most are 100% Free. Factory tours are a great way to learn about the industry, technology, engineering, and potential carriers. We actually came to York because it was less expensive and only an hour from Hershey, PA. Continue reading

Roadschool Fun: Name least popular selling color for Harley Davison Motorcycle in USA

Name the first motorcycle that comes to mind? Most people would say, Harley Davison, because they are the most iconic names in the business. Now tell me, which color Harley Davison motorcycle is sold the least? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you yet because it’s more fun this way. Facts about Harley Davidson First some fun facts, did you know Harley is sold all over the world. They claim to be the oldest factory in the Continue reading

Roadside Fun: Name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe

Can anyone name the city where Colonel Sanders first served his secret recipe to motorist? It all started in 1932 at a gas station during the Great Depression. Sanders Cafe is not on many people’s historical bucket lists, except my daughters, Munchy’s. Her favorite food is fried chicken, of course. The story goes that Harland Sanders humble beginning to fame began by pumping gas. As more and more motorists asked Sanders to recommend a place Continue reading

Roadside Fun: Name the longest running roadside attraction in Florida?

Everyone close your eyes and guess were the most magical place on earth?  No, a certain mouse does not live here but there are magical creatures that sing and dance under water.  These creatures are half-fish and half beautiful women. The Seminole Indians named these enchanted, warm waters “little spring” or “winding river”. The spring is so deep the bottom has never been found, and each day more than 117 million gallons of clear fresh Continue reading

Best spots to explore in St. Louis if you only have one day

Put on your running shoes and explore St. Louis with us.  Lets say you only have one day to visit the “The Gateway to the West” and you want your kids to remember the city.  Where would you go? How can I save some money and make it fun for the whole family? The St. Louis Arch is the symbol that stands out in everyone mind when you think of St. Louis and it is a Continue reading

Roadside America Trivia: Name The Register of the Desert

Let me paint a picture….  You have just traveled, by foot and/or wagon), for over 3 months and some families more than 1,000 miles. The family have encountered harsh rain, snow, indian country, broken limbs, and even death. You see in the distance this granite rock that is approximately 130 feet (not one of the highest ones around) and wagons, mules, cows, dogs and people.  You are relieved because it is only July 3rd and you Continue reading