Visit the hidden gem of Florida: Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoological Park

The Emerald Coast Wildlife Zoological Park may be one of the best-hidden gems in Florida. This park is smaller than some zoos but cleaner than most. The care to rehabilitate these animals is evident throughout the park. This animal park is filled with native wildlife and exotic animals all with their own story of why they were abandoned or abused. We started our exploration by feeding the farm animals, and the girls also got to Continue reading

21 things to do in Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois, Wyoming /ˈdjuːbɔɪz/ dew-boyz/  is one of those small towns that is full of cowboy charm and a great place to visit.  It is only 80 miles from anywhere (according to the locals) and is a great base camp for visiting Yellowstone and the Grand Titans National Parks. Only 971 people live in this small, quant town year around and if you ask anyone they would love to keep it that way, or least the older generation Continue reading

Unschool Class at Yellowstone

The best thing about traveling fulltime is getting to see places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Disney. We love the adventure of getting their and stopping at all the roadside attractions along the way. Today adventure was Unschool class at Yellowstone. What could be more fun than driving around and looking at amazing views, looking for wild animals and watching people.  Today we didn’t follow a curriculum or plan out any activities but drove all Continue reading

Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse Races

When I think of cowboys, I think of the Don Scheer Memorial Packhorse races that are held every year in Dubois, WY.  Not only is it great fun for the town but is a family get together for many generations, and lots activities for the kids. The men competed on Saturday and the old timers and women on Sunday.  I was told by a local that these games have going on for over 35+ years. Continue reading

Our experience riding the light Rail or RTD in Denver

The Denver Tram or “RTD” is one of the cheapest and most exciting ways to get to the center of Denver, Colorado.  This was super exciting for our kids because they have never ridden on a tram system and the experience was one of a kind.  It is a great way to see the city and its outlying areas and get there without the hassle of parking, and traffic. Luckily we were staying at Cherry Creek Continue reading

Dallas Zoo: What your favorite animal?

What is your favorite animal?  I love the giraffes and their majestic necks, hubby loves tigers (white tiger is his favorite), Hugs loves tortoises and Munchy loves watching the otters play in the water.  I always have mixed feelings about zoos and the upkeep of animal enclosures.  I am torn because I think wild animals should be free, but on the other hand, many of these animals could be extinct if not for the people Continue reading