The Ultimate Homeschool Survey for the movie Class Dismissed

Do you homeschool? The thought of homeschooling? You could be part of something great.  The movie “Class Dismissed” is about a family that decides to take the road less traveled. It follows the family as they try several different homeschool styles with their children.  The producers of the movie are offering an Ultimate Homeschool Survey.  The survey is for families that are homeschooling or wish to homeschool.  Click here to watch the movie. Class Dismissed Continue reading

Lost Treasure Hunt Series – we need your help

Lost treasure hunt

We love history and learning about it has become fun and very interesting to the girls since we have started traveling full-time in a 5th wheel around the USA.  I used to have the girls read stories and do reports like in normal school.  Our family now visits historical places, discusses what we saw, and researches as a family the questions that might arise from what we have seen.  Not only are my kids learning Continue reading

Best Roadschool Convention in Tucson

full time families

We came back to Arizona for the World’s Best Roadschool Convention in Tucson.  Why you may ask?  We thought it would be fun for the girls to have lots of kids to play with and maybe we could learn a little more on how to teach our child on the road and did we ever. Rubber Ducky was excited to learn about more ways we can make money while traveling.  The convention offered 3 days worth Continue reading

How to Enhance your Child’s Academic Development with the Unschooling Rules

More parents are thinking outside the box when it comes to their child’s education.  There are many topics that are not covered in the traditional education system and many parents want their kids to have a well rounded education that includes more than just the foundation subjects. There are unschooling rules that can be applied to homeschooling techniques that result in students that enjoy what they are learning and tackle topics that interest them, and Continue reading

Unschooling Paradise Offers Resources for Parents Interested in Home Schooling

Unschooling Paradise has just announced that they are offering resources that assist with parents that are interested in learning the unschooling methods.  Unschooling is a home schooling technique that puts educational control into the hands of both parents and their children.  By allowing kids to select their own course material, and to learn everywhere, not just in school; children become well rounded and well adjusted in any environment.  This is an innovative technique that helps Continue reading

How to Use Unschooling Paradise’s Unschooling Blogs to Home School Children

unschool children

Home schooling is becoming increasingly popular as parents want to have more of a say in what their children are learning and how this material is taught.  Reading unschooling blogs is one of the best ways to learn how to take home schooling to the next level by allowing kids to choose the subject material that they want to learn and by using family activities and day trips as vehicles for thought and learning.  There Continue reading