Our First Year of Travel Nomadaversary

It’s our “NOMADAVERSARY” (Nomadic Anniversary) of traveling for our first year on the road!  We did it, and we love it so much that we are going to keep going.  Yep, we have family members, friends, and complete strangers who think we are crazy.  I say if you’re not a little crazy, you can’t do what we are doing or have done! We left our sticks and bricks house for adventure, memories, and lots of laughs. We Continue reading

Unschooling history, science and culture at Grand Rapids Public Museum

Most of the time when you think of a public museum, you think of outdated exhibits in a low-funded and dirty space.  This was far from the case when we visited The Grand Rapids Public Museum in Michigan.  It has three stories of amazing exhibits on history, science, and culture. As you enter the museum, the first thing you see is a huge skeleton of a whale that you can’t take your eyes off (which I Continue reading

Unschooling Science at Crater Lake and a Snow Ball Fight

Lots of homeschoolers do school all year and we happened to be one of them.  It just seems right for our family and we are always learning.  This week was a lot of fun because we had some friends from Savannah (our hometown) visit us.  They are traveling for the summer and luckily I noticed they were headed our way – so I invited them to come to visit. Crater Lake was amazing not only Continue reading

Let the Summer Madness Begin

Diamond Lake

Summer Madness you say, what crazy shenanigans could the McIntyre’s be getting into this summer.  Well for one we are camp hosting or volunteering at Diamond Lake State Park.  This means we will be in one spot for six months. This also means I will probably only post once a week since the internet is almost nonexistent here. Camp hosting or volunteering in a State Park in a National Forest is a pretty easy job.  Continue reading

Can anyone learn program a Mindstorm robot?

learn code

Can anyone learn to program a Mindstorm robot? Have you ever wondered what age you should start teaching your little one computer science?  Believe it or not, you can start teaching them as early as first grade.  Code.org is the reason that kids of all ages can do code that’s exciting to everyone.  The girls have been very excited about learning code and have been doing a couple of hours’ worth every morning.  We have Continue reading

12 fun activities to do with Legos

We have been stuck in our little house on wheels because it has been raining for the past couple days so the girls decided they would do legos.  The girls came up with 12 fun activities to do with Legos and started our Master builders and did 4-6 designer books to make cars, spaceships, space station, robots, and a house. The girls had so much fun they are asking Santa for robots that they can Continue reading