Gloups last day was in a land far, far away watching the Osborn Lights

Gloups last day in the USA was in a land far, far away watching the Osborn Lights. We started our day in Epcot with a trip around the world, couple of rides like Space Mountain and Test Track.  Then we made our way to Hollywood Studios where Star Wars and the Osborn lights were our destinations. That right, we visit the new Star Tours where we saw props from the new Star Wars movie, spacecraft models,  and Continue reading

Roadside Fun: Name the longest running roadside attraction in Florida?

Everyone close your eyes and guess were the most magical place on earth?  No, a certain mouse does not live here but there are magical creatures that sing and dance under water.  These creatures are half-fish and half beautiful women. The Seminole Indians named these enchanted, warm waters “little spring” or “winding river”. The spring is so deep the bottom has never been found, and each day more than 117 million gallons of clear fresh Continue reading

Gloups spent the day with manatees at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

Did you know that manatees were once mistaken for mermaids? Gloups had never seen a manatee and since we are so close to the park, we thought it would be fun to visit the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. We started our adventure taking the nature trail hike so that Gloups could see all the animals ($35 for whole family). Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is home to a 55-year-old hippo that was born at the San Diego Continue reading

Gloups first Thanksgiving meal in America

Gloups had his first Thanksgiving meal in America with friends and family.  We actually went to my cousin’s house, who did an amazing job preparing and cooking all the food.   Gloups got to help make the mashed potatoes and carve the huge turkey.  While we waited for the food to finish cooking Gloups hung out with everyone on the couch and watched American Football. Gloups was still confused why it’s called football because they Continue reading

Gloups visits Dinosaur World and learns about the past

Once Gloups got home with his host family, he mentioned that he loved dinosaurs. We thought it would be fun to check out a roadside attraction, Dinosaur World, and learn a little about these amazing creatures.  There are actually three places you can visit Dinosaur World: Kentucky, Texas, and of course the one we visited Florida. We started our adventure with lunch then off to Gander Mountain for some window shopping and silly pictures.  Gloups loved the Gift Continue reading

Gloups learns how Jean Ribault claimed Florida for France

Gloups ate breakfast super fast today because he was giddy with excitement. The horseless carriage group was heading to a monument that talked about French history. He even got to ride in a rumble seat on the way to their first stop. Gloups said, “a rumble seat is a seat that fold into the rear of the car and is enough room for two people and a puppet.”  Over the years it has been called: dicky seat, dickie Continue reading