FTF Explorer Badge: Reading, Earth Day and Flash badge

We earned our FTF (Fulltime Families) Explorer Badges several weeks ago and have not had a chance to share how we earned them.   Explorer Badges is best parts of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Guides and then took out the tedious parts, like the need to have different siblings in different programs, uniforms and neckerchiefs.  They made sure the actual elements would literally fit into our lifestyle (traveling fulltime in a RV) and not be too heavy or Continue reading

How to make memory pens for all your family adventures

Memory pens are a great way to keep track of all your family’s adventures and are super easy to make.  A friend, Mrs. Ann, that lives in a travel trailer and will be going full-time very soon (so exciting) actually gave me this idea.  What I love about this idea is they take up very little space, they are inexpensive ($1 -$10 each), not heavy (a huge concern in an RV), you can make them Continue reading

Speed Racer slow down how to earn FTF Explorer Badge

We are earning our Caretaker FTF Explorer Badge with our very fast baby turtle. He really is not that fast compared to a puppy but for baby turtle standards he is a super fast turtle.  Speedy is so fast that we have dropped him a couple of times but luckily there is no brain damage (I promise we would never hurt an animal – just kidding). To earn our FTF Explorer Caretaker Badge the child must Continue reading

Leprechaun Trap Challenge for FTF Explorer Badge

St. Patrick’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. Our hometown, Savannah, Ga has one of the biggest celebrations and with our last name, McIntyre we love everything Irish. This week Hugs and Munchy started working on their Fulltime Families Explorer Badges.  These badges are a cross between Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Guides but without the tedious parts taken out and designed for kids traveling full-time. The FtF Explorer Program is a family-centered program Continue reading