How to became a small business owner at age 12

Really, Isabelle, my daughter became a small business owner and sells her jewelry on Amazon Handmade.  She really started this two years ago but this year she decided to get serious.  Any child or adult can own their own business, make a product and sell it online.  Now, will it pay your bills, let you quit that job?  Honestly, that is up to you and how much you work to make your dreams come true. Continue reading

Fairy Doors Made with Love and Little Fairy Dust

Have you ever wanted a fairy to come to live in your house or your garden to bring gifts and good luck?  We learned how to make a portal into the fairy world by using Premo polymer clay, a class from our favorite mentor, Cindy Lietz at Polymer Clay Tutor, and of course a little love, imagination, and pixie dust. So fly with us as we’ll show you how we made doors into the fairy Continue reading

Fairy Utopia

fairy utopia

Fairy Utopia – homes for fairies  We need fairy homes for homeless fairies, there are so many but you may not see them because they love to stay out of sight.  Homes need to be made for all the fairies young and old, cooking fairies, pots and pans fairies, tinker fairies and even for fashion design fairies. The girls had so much fun making tons of fairy homes and today we put them in a hollowed Continue reading

clay fairy and food science experiments

Yes, we did do science today but first, check out Huggy’s finished clay fairy. Belle made this clay fairy out of polymer clay and with only a little help for me.  I found the mini clay fairy tutorial on downloaded and help Huggy follow the directions to make her small fairy. We did 2 experiments today, one to see how a candy thermometer works and the other to see how taste buds work. Trick our Continue reading

make a craft – fairy garden

make a craft – fairy garden The girls wanted to make a craft so they did a  3-D Fairy Garden they got from Santa.  It took two days but they colored all the animals and fairies.  The girls had so much fun making the fairies and set up thier fairy garden.    We are going to see “Big Miracle” movie tomorrow so I made the girls find 5 facts about whales.  I also got the girls to Continue reading