Disney Top Life learning lessons teens can learn

Disney is one of those places that you love or hate, and sadly most of the people I know do not like it at all.  We LOVE Disney and think it is the most magical place on earth.  The girls have earned more and more freedoms at Disney.  I constantly talk about the education and learning potential at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. Disney Top Life learning lessons teens can learn. Keep a budget We Continue reading

Gloups last day was in a land far, far away watching the Osborn Lights

Gloups last day in the USA was in a land far, far away watching the Osborn Lights. We started our day in Epcot with a trip around the world, couple of rides like Space Mountain and Test Track.  Then we made our way to Hollywood Studios where Star Wars and the Osborn lights were our destinations. That right, we visit the new Star Tours where we saw props from the new Star Wars movie, spacecraft models,  and Continue reading

Disney Magic Band could make Disney even more magical

This year we were chosen along with thousands of others to test the new magic bands.  I was the most excited about this because it linked our tickets, and dinner reservations.  We also were able to select up to three fast passes per day per park. Hint: If you don’t use any of your fast passes you can exchange them for 3 new passes at a different park. How the bands work I received our Continue reading

Marine Conservation with Nemo and his friends

Nemo and his friends helped our homeschool group learn about the difficulties facing aquatic animals in the wild and ways they can help them. The kids learned observational skills to identify a variety of fish species, as well as predators and prey. The kids teamed up to brainstorm creative solutions for protecting our oceans and marine life. The class started off by getting head phones so they could talk to teacher while they were walking through the Continue reading

Disney Kingdom Keepers Quest at Magic Kingdom

Kingdom keepers quest

Disney Kingdom Keepers Quest was the best class we have ever taken with our homeschool group.  It was a self-guided adventure through the Magic Kingdom.  It took our group 5 hours to complete the quest because our group was one of the youngest groups.  The 2 high school groups were done in about an hour – mainly because they looked ahead for the answers. In the quest, the kids had to problem solve, visualization, observation Continue reading

How is Disney World educational?

disney educational

How is Disney World educational?  This is the question we constantly hear from our family and friends. Let’s not mention the random people we meet who find out we are there with our homeschool group.  To most people, they see Disney as just an amusement park. They take their children to get away from school and teachers.  We, on the other hand, look at everything Disney has to offer and search out the Imagineers.  They Continue reading