Should you Walk or Drive across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada

Should you Walk or drive across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada? We had this discussion for the last 50 miles as we headed to our new campsite on moving day. I did a lot of checking on the internet and found it to be a toss up. Driving or walking really depends on what your intentions once you get to Canada. If you want to see a lot of Canada then drive but if you only want see Niagara Continue reading

Roadside America Trivia: Name The Register of the Desert

Let me paint a picture….  You have just traveled, by foot and/or wagon), for over 3 months and some families more than 1,000 miles. The family have encountered harsh rain, snow, indian country, broken limbs, and even death. You see in the distance this granite rock that is approximately 130 feet (not one of the highest ones around) and wagons, mules, cows, dogs and people.  You are relieved because it is only July 3rd and you Continue reading

Can I use Audio Books in my Unschool Curriculum?

free audio books

Can Homeschooled children or Unschoolers use Audio Books in their curriculum? As far as I am concerned if it fits into your curriculum and works well with your family you can use anything.  Most of all if it helps get your child to become excited about reading.  I have two little girls and they both hate to read.  I blame the private school that we send them to.   So, I came up with a Continue reading

August skating fun and making a bust

Once a month we get together with all the homeschoolers all over the Savannah area and skate at SK8city in Pooler Ga.  They have made us a really great deal so that we can skate when the normal kids are in school and gave us one heck of a deal on the price.  Only $7 for 2 hours of skating, skate rental, 1 piece of pizza, small drink, and 4 tokens.  The kids love it Continue reading

Who was Annie Oakley?

annie oakley

Annie Oakley, one of America’s greatest and all time coolest women that ever lived.  She was a sharp shooter and one of the best know for her show with Buffalo Bill.  I thought it would be fun to read about Annie Oakley because it would show how a determined little girl never gave up.  How she practiced and practiced shooting till she got it right every time. Annie Oakley was an independent women who had Continue reading

Writing Jungle poem assignment

This morning while the girls watched Harry Potter, they did there writing jungle assignment.  Today we copied a poem, tomorrow they use the same poem but fill in the blanks and try to spell the words right, and then on Wednesday they have to find all the mistakes I made when I typed the poem. We finished 2 more chapters about Sacagawea – so we did a video to show what we learned… We also went to Continue reading