4H Savannah Beach – Learn the Fish Part Song


4H Savannah Beach What kid wouldn’t like to have class at the beach? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any. So while all those normal kids got up bright and early and went to go sit at a desk for 8 hours. We learned how to take care of exotic animals, feed them, clean out their cages and even watched a snake eat a mouse. To end the day we learned Continue reading

4H class – end year

I am so sad but Friday was our last 4H class for this year, unfortunately all the college  kids have to go back home.  So this mean we will have time for candy science and magic school bus science, YEA! So this week I stayed with the younger kids and they learned about birds.  They asked and answered these very interesting questions: What makes a bird a bird? What is each feather used for? What Continue reading

planet stars moon – solar system – 4h

Friday night was the most fun we have ever had at 4H, were we learned about the planets, stars, moon, and the solar system .  Our class started at 6:30 at night so that we could learn about the planets, moon, constellations.  The kids were divided into our normal groups and the moms went with the big kids and the dads were sent with the younger ones.  They had 3 stations that each group rotated Continue reading

4H bird beaks – like what utensil

They learned about birds….. What is a bird Drew a perfect bird Learned anatomy of a bird All about feathers, all the different types, and what they are used for They talked about what makes a bird different, like… Predictor, color, environment, beak, tail shape The big kids played a game…. The kids moved to each table,  they tried to get the food with the tool they started with,  some of the tools worked great Continue reading

4-H. Team building

At 4H today the kids worked on team building.  This time we had the 2 big girls (Sophie and McKenzey) go with the older kids and the younger girls (Lexie and Isabelle) went with the younger kids.  I was with bigger kids 4th – 8th graders.  They first went around the circle and made up a silly action to go with their names, so everyone could remember each other names.  Then they played the blob Continue reading

plankton expensive face mask or just fun

I think today we thought it was more fun to just splash, play and use the marsh mud for face paint.  4H was all about plankton, and the marsh.  We learned that there are 2 different kind of plankton phytoplankton – plant life that are drifters and produce 75% of the world oxygen. Zoo Plankton which are baby plankton that start as plankton and end up as Lobster, shrimp, and crabs. We started our class Continue reading