Note to ALL

**** Thank you so much to all who have offered their used sewing machines.  For now, Isabelle and I do not NEED or WANT  a fancy sewing machine.  I appreciate the offers but we are very happy using our kid machines because we can sew by ourselves with no help form anyone, which is very cool.  IF AND WHEN WE DECIDE TO GET A BETTER SEWING MACHINE I WILL CONTACT ALL OF YOU, because I am sure we Continue reading

Thursday – more Sewing

Belle got a taste of it sewing and loved it!!! She finished her sleeping bag and then started on a party skirt using our American girl patterns. I think we are supposed to make a shirt and then somehow figure out how to sew them together. Yea, and I have to figure out buttons, snaps, or Velcro to close the back – any ideas for beginners?? We might go ask Joanne’s fabric store Mac and Belle Continue reading

Wednesday Sewing Day

We took a stab at sewing, or sewing day – Every mistake you could make with sewing, WE MADE IT!!   We pulled fabric the wrong way, didn’t put enough needles in the fabric to hold it, sewed on the side of the fabric that is going to show, so it had that tail  And we didn’t tie off the end so it pulled out a couple of times, but with trial and error (lots of it) Continue reading

Is TV better than school

Yes, anything is better than sitting in a desk at school for 8 hours. I had to do payroll so the girls watched 4 movies – Then when Michael got home we did 2 piano lessons, read 3 books, did 3 more pages on kenx, and looked at our flowers – So yes we waited till 6 to do any school work, but hey you can do that when you’re homeschooling or unschooling! Check out our Continue reading

Sunday – science day

We got it to work – Ok sort of – Rainbow Milk Science day started with Try #5 –  we finally have the right ink – egg dye ink -low fat milk Next experiment on science day Tried Ink a little closer together.  We poured the dishwasher soap in then swirled it… Our next experiment – but I did not take pictures – was to see if a mint or hot sauce made your mouth warmer Continue reading

learn anything being unschooled

Is it possible to learn anything while you are being” unschooled”? Let’s see, Munchy can tell you the name of each state by just looking at its shape, and most of the capitals. She can multiply numbers which she taught her self by doing computer games, has her own pocket watch and tells me the time every ten minutes and can count money like nobody’s business – She loves learning about sea animals with Magic School Bus Continue reading