Cowgirl Riding a Bull

Cowgirls riding a Bull. This is one of our favorite stores in the whole world.  We are now saving 10% of the money we earn every week to buy REAL cowgirl boots. Our favorite pastime has been growing all different flowers on the iPad 2 and sending them to everyone.  If you haven’t gotten yours, sorry, (we are making our way down the list). I am sure you will be getting one or 15 beautiful Continue reading

Origami great way to learn unschool math

We took Uncle Tom’s advice and tried doing some origami.  First you need thin paper, not construction paper, so you can do the folds. And you need a really good origami app on your iPad 2, or a book that gives really good illustrations of what you need to do. We only had the instruction book and an app, but the paper was way too thick.  So we only made a frog… We also went Continue reading

Dancing Water – changes colors

We did 2 science experiments — dancing water, and water that changes colors. First was dancing water…. We added baking soda and citric acid then we added water – When the chemicals are mixed together they let off carbon dioxide which looks like dancing water… Color changing liquid…. We added red cabbage (which is a neutral) and water in 2 cups.We added citric acid to one and it turned red, and baking soda to the Continue reading

Best juice making invisible ink

Invisible Ink science experiment Our science experiment worked!!  We let the secret note with invisible ink dry overnight then we had to use heat to make it show up. First we tried the hair dry ( not enough heat) so we put the button down on the toaster and held the paper over it – and it actually worked… Here are our findings: 2 winners Fruit juice – dried clear and turned really brown after (we were surprised about Continue reading

Sleeping around

This is where we found Jack when it was time for bed…. Sleeping in a laundry basket that Belle had put her blanket and body pillow in to watch a movie. We also caught Conan sleeping on Mac’s bed like he was a person. The idea of these animals!   I took the girls to Jo-Ann Fabric store and got them each 1/2 yard of the soft fleece that was on sale.  Mac got so excited Continue reading

Saturday – Art Fun Day

Art fun day started with doing much of nothing but we did manage to do a lot of art. We painted a ceramic dog and cats that we got at Joanne’s.  We put a puzzle together, and most of the day we played this really fun game on the Wii that is a haunted house spy game with puzzles and stuff. This is a 1930 Ford that Mr. Havarty has in the warehouse where Daddy works, and Continue reading