Summer day 15 catch tadpoles watch turn into frogs

tadpolesAfter watching our ants make tunnel in the gel and sand we decided it would be fun to do another insect/animal project.  This time we decided to catch tadpoles and see if we could watch them grow into frogs.  The first question is where the heck do we find tadpoles. Luckily, the girls had already seen some in a drainage ditch next to where we play soccer.

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We did a little research at the pet store and online.  Pet Smart sold us some food pellets to feed them.  Online we found out that their favorite food is lettuce boiled for 10 – 20 minutes.  We also learned that you can just use the water you get the tadpoles out of and if you do add tap water you need drops from the pet store to take the chlorine out. No need for a pump to circulate the water and they take 6 weeks to 8 months depending on the type of frog.

So here is what you need to grow tadpoles:

  • catch tadpolesbest place to find them – fresh water pond, drainage ditch, river, pet store
  • plastic container, fish bowl, or oil drain pan (one that has never been used to drain oil)
  • glass jars – to catch the little guys
  • Big cup with handle – also to catch them

Here are some good sources that helped us:

How raise tadpoles

What do tadpoles eat

identify frogs and tadpoles – pdf





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