Can you make friends traveling full time?

Can you make friends traveling full-time? Will I ever see my friends again? How do I stay in touch with my friends? These questions have come up a lot since we hit the road 8 months ago. The answer, believe it or not, is pretty easy.

Can you make friends traveling full timeHow to become instant friends

You make friends the same way you do in a stick house.  You go up to someone introduce yourself and start conservation and either you become instant friends or you move on.  My kids have learned to do this better than most adults.  They ride their bikes around the park and look for kids their own age and do what took me years to learn how to do as an adult because I am so shy.

This past weekend the girls were riding their bikes around the park and met two girls theirCan you make friends traveling full time own age, made instant friends, and were inseparable for two days. They showed them their hideout, rode around the park together, and even talked about going swimming in the ice-cold water. We stay in touch with our friends from home by email, texting, Facebook (when we have good internet), and phone calls. It’s hard for our friends sometimes to stay in touch because they are much busier than us but just like an adult if you don’t make the effort they won’t, so we do our best.

Can you make friends on the road? Yes but you have to be willing to start the conservation.

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