Can you learn two languages at once while homeschooling?

Can you learn two languages at once?

20130925-115530.jpgThat my friend is a very, very good question and many very intelligent people have been debating that very question for ages.  I have found several blogs that have told about the good, the bad and the ugly.  I did notice that most of the posts out there talk about adults learning two or more languages at a time, and lets face it learning anything new as an adult is almost impossible.  We are going to find out if all of us can learn these languages together, so wish us luck!!

We have decided that in 2014 we are not only going to visit my  brother in France but we also want to go to Italy and Spain. So how do we plan on doing this?  Well it really started with an email I got from the Online Marketing Specialist from Rosetta Stone Homeschool French asking if any homeschoolers would like to try out a new language software aimed at homeschooling families.  I thought this would be a great opportunity, not only for the girls but for me and the hubby.  So after some advise from my brother, some research on the internet and several discussions with my wonderful hubby we decided on Italian and Spanish.  We chose these two languages because they are very similar and the girls begged for Italian because they love and I mean love pasta.

20130925-115553.jpgThe Online Marketing Specialist sent us our logon for both languages.  We started on Monday with Italian and Tuesday started Spanish, so far I am very impressed.  Not only does it explain everything very well it has tones of fun games for the kids.  I started the girls on 1st year homeschool lesson which is about 4th grade reading level and for beginners that know nothing about the language.

I was even more excited when we got a parent logon to learn right along with the kids.   I love that the girls are reading a lot, they are required to read the english words to be able to translate them into  Italian and Spanish. The only draw back so far is we still have not figured out how the microphone we own works with the program, but I am sure a quick phone call will fix everything.  There is an iPad app but it is only vocabulary words, which is great for traveling in the car.

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