Can kids become socialized on the road if you travel fulltime?

Can kids become socialized on the road if you travel fulltime?

If you are like my family and Unschool, or Roadschool you worry about your children finding friends to play with. We travel fulltime which makes it even harder for kids to find other kids their own age. You may wonder if your children will turn out to be weird or antisocial. My kids biggest complained is the lack of kids at campsites during the school year.

travel fulltimeHonestly, I giggle a little when people ask this question. In my opinion, homeschool kids are more socialized than kids that go to “normal school”. My kids are able to have an intelligent conversation with adults, can make friends with kids their own age and get along with children younger than them. Basically if you walk out of your house and talk to another human being then you are being socialized. IMG_1840Your kids are learning from your examples. Kids are better at introducing themselves to new kids they just meet and can make friends instantly. I find it harder and harder for me to walk up to a complete stranger and become instant friends. Unless you are like my husband, who will talk to the wall and will talk to anyone who listens, socialization is hard.

travel fulltimePymatuning State Park

We have enjoyed staying at Pymatuning State Park where there were more kids than I could keep track. The girls made friends instantly with kids at the beach and inseparable everyday since. They had a blast walking around, swimming, riding their rip-sticks, playing soccer, running, and making s’mores. The best part of the week was getting to have a spend the night with their new friend, Pumpkin.

IMG_1856Have you ever seen ducks and geese walk on fish? This is an amazing sight at Pymatuning State Park, where there really are so many carp (fish) that the ducks literally could walk on them to get to the bread people threw in the river. I just wish I had a large net and could scoop just a few up for dinner that night. We over heard many locals saying they would never eat carp. They are bottom feeders but in many countries carp is very good eating, if you cook it right.

IMG_1858The Spillway is the second most popular tourist destination in Pennsylvania. People have come since the 1930s, hurling bread to the fish and watching birds fight over it. We actually never saw any ducks walk on the fish but we did see lots of fights between the birds and fish (which was pretty funny). Sadly we did see lots of plastic bread bags and trash in the water, which was inexcusable considering how many trash cans were located along the walkway.

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