Camping- Camp Lowe

Isabelle and I went camping with her girl scout troop, and we had so much fun. All the girls got up at the crack of dawn and meet at Camp Lowe for the day to do lots of fun activities. The girls made paper dolls, Jacobs ladders, painted flower gardens, and learned some fun dance moves. We celebrated girl scouts 100th birthday with a fun party that included crowns, hats, pearls, bubbles, and lots and lots of noise and cake. The girls were so tired we went back to the cabin and bed, after lots of giggling and some silliness. For breakfast we had marshmallows and water. Then we headed out missed the morning breakfast which I am sure all the girls were upset about and went home, some went to breakfast so the mom’s could get strong coffee. Wow it was cold last night but everyone made it through the night and all of the girls had a blast. Isabelle favorite thing was well everything, and said she will go back when it much much warmer.

Enjoy the slide show and the silly dancing videos….

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While Isabelle and I were camping McKenzey got to spend the day with Michael. She did level 1 lesson 3 and made another 100. She is rocking the French classes and I am so proud of her. They also went on a 6 mile bicycle ride down to the playground to practice soccer and then went and saw Beauty Beast in 3D in Pooler. After the movie Mac decided they need to go visit our favorite restaurant , Jalapenos, and sold 13 more cookie boxes.

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