Unschool Science Activity: How to blow something up

We started our Unschool Science Activity with experiment about Volcanoes, Lava, cake pops, and finish with pool math. When you are Unschooled and have a friends over what could be more fun than blowing something up. What is the first thing the kids ask, when their friends arrives, “Hey mom, since we have been learning about volcanoes all week can we try to make a volcano and make it blow up?”

Unschool Science Activity


Unschool Science Activity 20120531-213456.jpg20120531-213602.jpg

We finished our ugly cake pops, which turned into uglier cake balls. I honestly have no idea how to make cake pops, so I gave the girls full control.  I think more candy got on the girls hands than on the cake balls. I say as long as we’re having fun, who cares!!


Last we finished up with a little pool math, practicing our times tables, jumping in the pool and just having a good time.

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