Best way for Unschooler to learn about animals? Birmingham Zoo

What is the best way for kids to get excited about animals, their habitats, and where they live? Go visit a zoo, kids that are homeschooled or go to “normal school” love going to the zoo and learn more by seeing, touching, and hearing the animals. We love going to the zoo and it’s even better when you get in free but more on that later.

Birmingham ZooAt first glance, the Birmingham Zoo does not look very big but we were terribly wrong.  They are doing major additions and improvements to the zoo for the animals and their visitors.  The zoo has so many events for schools, homeschoolers, families, and a variety of camps for kids.  We were amazed at the vast amount of animals the zoo had and how big and open most of the enclosures were, we like when animals have lots of room to play.

Birmingham ZooEven though it was a very cold day most of the animals were out because we were there right at feeding time.  We only ran into a hand full of people because we went during the week and it was super cold. The zoo has not one but three different areas for kids to play and run around, a splash area, and several restaurants. We learned how the zoo is helping with conservation. Birmingham zoo was the first accredited facility in the nation to successfully recreate an all-male African elephant heard as seen naturally in the wild.

popcornWe gave this zoo ten popcorns out of ten because we got in free and it was so huge.  We loved all the different assortment of animals and how big their enclosures were and even though it was freezing the day we went we still saw 90% of the animals.  We have the AZA Reciprocal Admissions Program which allows you to get into over 300 zoos and aquariums for free and half-price and if you join Boonshaft you get: science and technology centers (ASTC) zoos & aquariums (AZA) and participating children’s Museums (ACM) for one low price.

The Zoo is open daily from 9am to 5pm 

Adults – $15*
Children 2 – 12 years old – $10*
Senior Citizens 65 years+ – $10*
Military (Active duty only must show military ID)- $12.75*
*Plus tax
Free entry for those with a family zoo membership (like the one from Boonshaft)

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