Best juice making invisible ink

Invisible Ink science experiment

Our science experiment worked!!  We let the secret note with invisible ink dry overnight then we had to use heat to make it show up. First we tried the hair dry ( not enough heat) so we put the button down on the toaster and held the paper over it – and it actually worked… Here are our findings:

2 winners
Fruit juice – dried clear and turned really brown after (we were surprised about this one!!)
Lemon juice – dried clear – turned brown after – one of our picks

Salt water – couldn’t see before – couldn’t see after – the other pick
Coke – dried brown and did not get any darker

Check out Mac’s new piano lesson #6….Belle sewed her sleeping bag for buddy the bear – she is getting so good.   She got her sewing machine out and  her fabric that she had already pinned and started sewing before I even knew what was going on. And she did an awesome job…  Also check out Belle’s new art work – Picasso

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