Unschooled history through best BBQ in Texas

History can be taught in loads of ways but my favorite is through my tummy and I am sure you will agree.  I thought it would be fun to learn about the barbecue history of Texas we found two famous BBQ restaurants in the heart of Texas and they say where it all started.  Lockhart is famous for its barbecue, the rub added to the meat, Texas Legislature proclaimed Lockhart as The Barbecue Capital of Texas.  You can see how excited we were to go and visit this famous town.

best BBQ in TexasBlacks Barbecue has been in business for over 80 years and is the longest-running self-owned barbecue restaurant in Texas. They started, as German Immigrants and herded cattle, but had to smoke the meat to keep it through the summer.  The blacks decided to share it with everyone in the city and it became a huge hit.

As you enter the restaurant the servers welcome you with that southern hospitality.  The first thing you have to decide is done you want just mouth-watering meat or add some sides.  Then you are maneuvered through a long hallway to watch them cut the meat.  I was in such shock at the huge piece of brisket and so hungry I forgot to take pictures.

best BBQ in TexasSmitty Market started only five years after the oldest family-owned restaurant.  Edgar A. “Smitty” Schmidt purchased Kreuz Market in 1948 from the Kreuz family. The Schmidt family has mastered the smoking of the BBQ and has also in the top 40 BBQ places in America.

The Smitty parking lot was huge and packed compared to the first BBQ place we visited.  As you entered the building you can see and smell the huge fires pits and smell all the wonderful BBQ.  I loved seeing the fire and watching the guys pull meat from the pits. They still offer bread and crackers to go with your meat, and once you pay for your meat you can order drinks and sides. After some yummy meat, we took a walking tour of this tinny town and then finished our day at a huge Bass Pro Shop to practice some more archery. 

popcornWe are not going to tell you which restaurant we liked the best.  They both received 10 popcorn out of 10 not only for the mouth-water yummy meat but because of the history and atmosphere they both provided.  Try it and tell us which one you like the best and why.

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