Co-op Autobiography and science

Today was our second day of Co-op and we started with a bang by having Gwen and Munchy doing book reports, learning and writing an autobiography, we did some Magic School Bus science and ended with swimming math.

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Gwen did a sensational job with her biography about Chester A. Author.  We were all very impressed because not only did she read the book, she also made cards for her book report.

Munchy read her story and we went over what each one of the vocabulary words were in co-op 2the back of the A Year on a Pirate Ship book.  I gave her the task of using some or most of the new pirate words she had just learned in a story.

Next we learned about biographies are and an autobiography.  Each girl got to write their own autobiographies.  We started with Hug’s Autobiography to show the girls how they might want to get started and then each girl used her autobiography as a guide to write their own.

Next the girls took a break and played dress-up and put on a fashion show for us.  Then we did some science, Magic School Bus:  Light, Rainbow and Mirrors. The first experiments and learned the difference between transparent, translucent, and opaque. The second experiment we studied how shadows work and how if the light is closer the shadow is smaller and if the light is father away it is bigger.

Last thing we did was do a little math, just to get the girls used to doing Multiplication tables.  Today we made it really fun by doing swimming math.  The girls did two times tables and 3 times tables.

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