Art with shaving cream – summer day 2

art with shaving creamThe girls love playing with shaving cream – for our 2nd day of summer – we made art with shaving cream.  Ok, most would think – that this is for pre-schoolers and my 5th grader and 4th grader are too old and wouldn’t want to do baby art.  YOU ARE SO WRONG!!  My kids loved playing with the shaving cream.  We got the cheapest brand – but we ended up getting blue – of course they didn’t care.  I suggest you buy white – the colors will show up better when you do the art part.

So here is what you need for shaving cream art:

  • garbage bags
  • white shaving cream (but blue works fine)
  • food coloring
  • mixed media paper
  • clothes pins for hanging pictures to dry

shaving cream art2First, we laid out our garbage bags flat on the ground – I was hoping this would make for easy cleanup and it did.  Next I gave each girl shaving cream – I suggest having several bottles – lots more fun.  The girls started making designs on the garbage bag and got there hands all gooey.  I added food coloring drops on top of the shaving cream where they told me and then they got sticks and started swirling.  After a bit of playing we put down mixed media paper on top and then hung them up.

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shaving cream artWow they really turned out great…. my girls of course jumped in our very cold pool to clean up – good excuse to swim right??



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