Brain Pop educational video for homeschool

Little Belle’s favorite class is art class and now we have combined that with a little history by watching some you tube videos. I really love what the art teacher is doing by having the kids paint the masters.  I also just signed us up for brain pop. If you haven’t heard about Brain Pop you should definitely check it out. It has over 700 educational videos with games and quizzes. Heck, I even watched some of the videos and did some of the quizzes myself. They also have Brain Pop Jr. for kids K-3rd grade. The best part is a family account is less than $10 a month.

After we made our way to the park for a yummy lunch and some fun playing, running around and getting out a little energy we went to the Mall. Why the mall – because they had cute little baby chickens that you could hold and pet. I even got to hold one and we got to see one hatch. Good news is these birds will not be eaten but given back to a local farmer and be able to run free and lay lots of eggs.

The last two weeks we have painted Gustav Klimt, which I could not find any video on. We did however find some YouTube videos on Claude Monet, Seurat, and Van Gogh. The girls did a couple of facts on each artist, they may be a little silly but that how we do things…

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