Are your kids 8 – 18 years old, love Minecraft, and want college credit?

minecraftDo your kids love Minecraft as much as my kids do? Do your children’s kids play for hours, have dreams about Minecraft, and always talk about it?  Are they between the ages of 8-18? Would you love for them to earn college credit at UC San Diegoone of the top academic institutions on the planet? Then you should sign up your kids up for LearnToMod (just like me), so they can learn to program and play their favorite game, Minecraft.

My kids are super excited, and they keep asking when we get to start.  The best part is that they can begin with block programming. LearntoMod does not have annoying syntax errors, and no typing is necessary.  This is just like our favorite programming software, Snap. Snap is Free, you drag and drop just like Legos. The programming language is an excellent introduction to computer language. It runs in your browser, and you can now run it on an iPad!

For older kids who want to learn how to mod in Minecraft, they can start learning Javascript. For one low price in LearnToMod, you get the block and java and your server.  This way you can share all the cool and exciting stuff that you make in Minecraft with your friends, family, teacher, and relatives. Play with all your buddies and design worlds together!

Maybe Minecraft is not your kids’ cup of tea, or they want to learn even more programming. A great place to start is where they have information on different software and programs to get you started learning code.  Most of the software is free, but some are paid apps or software that cost a small price for what you may learn.


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