Are you a true Unschooler if you use some curriculum?

Are you a true Unschooler if you use some curriculum? There are two sides to this discussion but my advice here is to stay true to yourself. The two sides are the die-hard Unschooler (radical unschooler) and the natural learner.  I myself am a little in between these two and do whatever fits best for my family. In other words, we have used the curriculum but sometimes for weeks or months, we do not.

Are you a true Unschooler if you use curriculum

I have met some who say they are eclectic unschoolers or use curriculum for some subjects but not all subjects.  Most unschoolers use some type of curriculum for math and language arts and the rest basically unschool or let the learning happen naturally.  These families might incorporate museums, zoos, co-op classes, jr ranger programs, art or music lessons, educational movies on Netflix, science kits like the magic school bus, or various field trips with other homeschoolers.

The point is to do what feels right for your family. There is no one looking in the window watching your every move. If you provide educational material and make every moment a learning one then your child had no choice but to succeed.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this debate……

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