Field Trip Week: Learn history, technology, engineering Antique Car Show

Antique Cars are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and most kids have never seen one up close. Unlike most kids I grew up around antique cars because my father was always working on one.  We were lucky enough to spend the week with my parents and my brother while learning and looking at antique cars. The girls learned history, technology, engineering, and car values now and then. We even got to visit my favorite place, The World of Chocolate.

Hershey Old Car Swap Meet

img_3529-1The beginning of the week started with the world largest yard sale of old cars, parts, signs, gear, and anything car related. There was everything from hubcaps, car fender, antique parts, horns, spare parts, toy cars, and even demonstrations. The demonstration I am talking about a detail of how a Stanley Steamer engine worked. Wow, so amazing and also way over my head.

img_3514We visited Hershey a few weeks ago at the largest RV show and was shocked at how much it had grown.  There were vendors from all over the country selling any and everything you could imagine.  The girls had fun spending time with their Uncle and Grandparents. This is the place to go if you can’t find a part for you 1910 Ford Model T or classic 59 Chevy Corvette.  We also got to watch old movies, black and white, like Three Stooges, Mickey Mouse, and Laural-Hardy.

Picture Scavenger Hunt 

img_4657Since the girls weren’t very interested in antique cars they came up with games to play with their favorite Uncle to make the time go by.  Picture scavenger hunt that was done with their phones. Some of the categories were: longest beard, oldest car, most carburetors in one picture, most hubcaps in one picture, and smallest dog. Mac got to ride in the 1904 Horseless carriage, and the older gentleman kept asking the girls for dates. Of course, there was ice-cream, donuts and the general fun with Grandparents. 

Sotheby Antique Car Auction

49748751795__5a070b1d-25ea-434e-a78e-b3ec5bb8c4fcThe end of the week the boys attended the Sotheby Antique Car Auction. It was fun looking at the cars, motorcycles, old bikes, racing cars, and beautiful classic cars.  They let the potential bidders check out the cars, take pictures and enjoy the night with free hamburgers.  The next two nights are the auction where the bidding takes place.  Don’t worry we didn’t buy anything but if I ever win the lottery I have my eye on several neat cars. 

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