Adventure at Bass Pro Shop with Jack

Can you count a trip to your favorite store, like Bass Pro Shop, as a school day?  Heck, ya! Any day you are doing something fun and learning, you can count as a school day (or Unschool day).  OK, so now you’re asking yourself, “How is Bass Pro Shop or Toys R US or any other store educational?” Actually, I will let Jack the dog tell you.

Take it away, Jack…..

Adventure at Bass Pro ShopI love going to Bass Pro Shop because, well, I get to go inside the store, and my family doesn’t leave me at home where I get lonely and bored.  Now, it’s not near as much fun as PetSmart, Petco Stores, or even Pet Depot, but they do have a lot of fun things to smell and sniff.  It takes all my energy not to pee on stuff, but Dad said if I ever do I can’t come back.

The youngest kid in our pack, Belle, and I like looking at the animal dioramas, and we try naming the animals.  I know all of them, and I know they are not going to eat me, but I still don’t like hanging around.  My favorite is the fish tank and watching those big huge guys swim by. It makes my mouth water.  We always check out the hunting supplies. The oldest kid in our pack, Munchy, is handy with a bow and arrow. It’s good to know what we will need and look at while camping (since we camp 24-7).

This time I got to sniff all the cool stuff they have for dogs.  I met this one dog who fetches birds for its master; just doesn’t sound like my thing.  We tried out some new beds, but they had such good smelling treats nearby that it was hard to sit still.  This time there were lots of dogs training with their masters, and I kept following the cute poodle.  She sure was pretty and smelled nice.

Oh, about that educational thing; try learning the names of animals in the diorama, and fish names, look at the different knives and see if you can figure out what they are used for.  Notice what kind of people shop there, and check out the clothing and hunting gear. They have over 150,000 sq. ft of outdoor equipment, wildlife displays, state record replicas, a 23,000-gallon aquarium, and a shooting arcade. You can sign up for classes and ask questions of well-educated employees.

popcornWe give this five out of five popcorns.  The Bass Pro Shop gets all five popcorns because it is 100% free to window shop or walk around the store.  Jack the dog was able to go inside with us and walk around.  We love looking at camping gear, clothes, and hunting items that we may or may not need but want.  Any Bass Pro shop is worth the visit and great for a rainy day when there is nothing else to do.

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