5 strategies help parents survive Covid-19: Unschool style

I have come up with 5 strategies parents can use to survive Covid-19: Unschool style. Many new parents have just become their child’s homeschool teacher and are wondering how they will survive Covid-19 lockdown. If you have ever wanted to start homeschooling this is the perfect time to start. I promise it’s really easy if you remember a few things.

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First, learning should be fun

First, thing is to remember that learning should be fun. I know a lot of you got sent home with a huge packet of work, which is very terrifying. Others have started online school. Remember your kids are just as nervous and scared as you are, this is new to everyone. Hugs, cuddles for the kids and chocolate cake or your favorite drink at the end of the day are sometimes a must. Take it slow you don’t have to do school from 8 to 3 every day, just start with 30 min here and 30 min there. Remember, this is not a race, and there is always tomorrow. I promise no is watching you through the window.

Second, no one watching all the time

Second, no one is watching you through the window every moment of the day. Ok, maybe that nosey neighbor, but who cares what she thinks. I always made my kids stay inside from 10-2, even if that is watching movies all day.

First Tip, Some kids learn better at night, or after 15 hours of sleep, or maybe after a snack. You are in charge of your kids. If they want to have pajama day or princess and cowboy day, who cares. You don’t have to keep a rigid schedule, enjoy your kids, it is not the end of the world if you don’t get today’s lesson done (speaking to “normal” parents).

Second Tip, try letting your kid sleep in, and then you have those morning hours to get your work done in peace and quiet. Let the kids watch a movie or listen to an audiobook, and take a few minutes for yourself. If your child wants to do Mindcraft all day, let them. Minecraft teaches kids math, reading spelling, geography, problem-solving, and coding if you use Learn To Mod (also receive college credits). My kids were part of the beta version and loved it.

Third, make learning fun

Third, start searching Google, Pinterest, or Facebook for fun ideas. The homeschool community is large and there are many of us who love posting ideas. My kids amaze me every day on how much they learn, want to learn and know.

We learned to multiply by playing cards, eating M&M, and coloring. Learn fractions by cooking and only give them a teaspoon and 1/4 measuring cup and let them figure out how to make it work. Do kitchen science by using items you already have on hand.

Forth, everyone has bad days

Forth, everyone has bad days and sometimes you just need a break. To survive Covid-19 or any normal school day you might need fortitude, perseverance, poise, and patience. Trust me over the past 10 years we have had bad days. If your kid is just not corporating then do something else. Pull out a puzzle, make up a game, take silly pictures of the dog, write letters and send them to retirement homes (most are not allowed visitors for safety). Sew face masks for hospitals ( they are running very low), make up a story with teddy and Mrs. Tickles and act it out online for grandparents or close friends. Make a fort in the middle of the living room.

Fifth, ask questions

Children learn by playing, talking, and just living. As an Unschool parent, I lead or help my kids find answers. Some morning I start by asking a question during breakfast to start a discussion. From there we would get on the internet, watch a documentary, or go to the library (or listen to an audiobook) to find the answer. I learned along with my kids, asked even more questions to get them thinking. Throughout the day we would skip around and normally end on a completely different topic by our bedtime.

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