4H Savannah Beach – Learn the Fish Part Song

4H Savannah Beach

IMG_1161What kid wouldn’t like to have class at the beach? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of any. So while all those normal kids got up bright and early and went to go sit at a desk for 8 hours. We learned how to take care of exotic animals, feed them, clean out their cages and even watched a snake eat a mouse. To end the day we learned the fish part song to heads shoulder knees and toes.


We started off by learning about what Animals need, and here are some of the things the kids came up with:
Food, water, shelter, habitat, clean cage, love, play time, space, size, know what breed
She showed us how she cleans the snake cages, then she let the kids each take turns moving the snakes to hold a container for another class, they each got to clean out the water bowl, and then she showed us how she writes everything she does in her log book.
Some the questions the kids asked where:

  • Why can’t you pull it’s skinned off while a snake is shedding?
  • Can turtles feel when you touch its shell?
  • What is the tongue doing when snake sticks it out?
  • How big do Eastern King Snakes get when they are full-grown?
  • Why do they get frozen mice, not live ones?
  • Why do you out them in warm water?

After lunch, we had a meeting to learn about what we would be doing at the beach…
They went over the parts of the fish and sang the funniest song about the parts of the fish…

Fish part song to head shoulder knees and toes

Here are the words
Lateral Line/ Gills of Opercle
Don’t forget the Anal Fin – in the last video

Then we went to the beach and the kids went fishing using a sieve net, of course, our group loved to get cold and wet so much they did it over and over again for the whole 2 hours we were out there.

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