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Belle learning about solar system

Friday night was the most fun we have ever had at 4H, were we learned about the planets, stars, moon, and the solar system .  Our class started at 6:30 at night so that we could learn about the planets, moon, constellations.  The kids were divided into our normal groups and the moms went with the big kids and the dads were sent with the younger ones.  They had 3 stations that each group rotated through. They first talked to all the kids and explained a little about a star chart and how to read it and then we went out on the pier to look and try to find the different constellations. The second station the kids discussed how the earth rotates around the sun, how the moon rotates around the earth and the different phases of the moon. The last station the kids learned a couple of facts about the planets.  The hit of the night was making smores and singing silly songs around a camp fire.

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    • Yes I actually let the kids use it and some parents to find the constellations. I love all the apple apps. You can almost find an app for everything.