4H class – end year

I am so sad but Friday was our last 4H class for this year, unfortunately all the college  kids have to go back home.  So this mean we will have time for candy science and magic school bus science, YEA!

So this week I stayed with the younger kids and they learned about birds.  They asked and answered these very interesting questions:

  • What makes a bird a bird? What is each feather used for?
  • What your favorite feather and why?
  • What makes all birds different?
  • Can feet tell us what birds eat?

After we had a lot of fun answering and discussing all of these great questions and then we did the beak game – Each table had an item and tool on it. When the game started  each child had to go around and try to get the food out of the container with out using their hands and only use the tool they started with – there was pliers (blue bird), slotted spoon (pelican), eye dropper (hummingbird), tweezers (woodpecker) and clamps (heron).  It was so neat watching the kids realize what they were doing and why and explaining why only one tool would work good on only one or more items. They finished by going out on the dock and looking for birds with binoculars.

One of the other moms took lots of pictures of the bigger kids, and they worked on becoming an eco worrier. They started by talking about the environment and how it gets polluted by people who throw away trash that could have been recycled. They played a relay game and took turn by putting things in different categories like …. Compose, reuse, renew, recycle and trash. They finished by playing another fun game, charades.

We finished the day by going to our favorite barbecue place, Wiley and then some how we ended up at Krispy Kreme (shhh don’t tell anyone)

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