4H bird beaks – like what utensil

They learned about birds…..

  • bird_beak_1.jpgWhat is a bird
  • Drew a perfect bird
  • Learned anatomy of a bird
  • All about feathers, all the different types, and what they are used for
  • They talked about what makes a bird different, like…
  • Predictor, color, environment, beak, tail shape

The big kids played a game….
The kids moved to each table,  they tried to get the food with the tool they started with,  some of the tools worked great some did not work at allThe idea was to show the kids how beaks worked and how each beak is used for different food.

Woodpecker, hummingbird, cardinal, Pelican, heron

The little kids worked on…
Recycle and Reuse.

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They also played a game…  Charades – they did actions that would help the environment, like carpool, drying laundry outside, turning off the lights…

After the girls got home they worked some more of their fairy houses and practiced skating and came up with a routine on skates…very funny….

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