4-H. Team building

At 4H today the kids worked on team building.  This time we had the 2 big girls (Sophie and McKenzey) go with the older kids and the younger girls (Lexie and Isabelle) went with the younger kids.  I was with bigger kids 4th – 8th graders.  They first went around the circle and made up a silly action to go with their names, so everyone could remember each other names.  Then they played the blob game where they had to hold hands and work as a team to try to catch the other team mates.  They made a human knot by holding hands and all had to work together to get through a hoolahoop.  Last they played see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.  In this game the first set of kids could only make jesters, the 2nd group could talk but couldn’t see the 3rd group who was blind folded and had to follow directions to get 2 objects.  It was pretty funny to watch all the kids and not knowing each other and never playing they found both objects in under 5 minutes – very impressive. Last we got roller skates at Target to try to start practicing for our skate party.

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