12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery Alabama on a Budget

We travel fulltime in a 300 square foot home on wheel (an RV) and Roadschool or Unschool along the way.  I love telling you’ll about the places we find to explore and visit.  We found 12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery, Alabama that are free, almost free or on a very small budget (like ours).

With our field trips we also do a little google school (research on the internet) and sometimes when we are really adventures, we find YouTube videos that tell about the area or people from the town.  We have even been known to read a couple of books on some the of the historical figures. It also helps that my husband loves history and loves to tell us all about the tidbits of info he has learned over the years.

  1. First White House of the Confederacy: Free to enter, great history lesson on how this country began.12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery
  2. Alabama Department of Archives and History: Free to Enter History, geography, war, and so much more to learn at this wonderful museum.12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery
  3. Alabama State Capital: Free to visit we did not make it (someone in our group forgot they had a knife – I am not naming any names Mr. Rubber Ducky).
  4. Mooseum:  Free to visit and learn about the cows, farm life, and all things cow. Great place to park if you are visiting downtown Montgomery (free parking).
  5. Court Square Fountain:  Free to visit is very pretty during the day or night but be careful of the cars driving around the circle.12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery
  6. Civil War Walk: Free to walk the same street as Rosa Park and Martin Luther King.  There is also a self-guided tour that you can get at the visitor center.
  7. Bass Pro Shop: Alway Free to browse and look at camping gear, fishing, clothes, and the big fish.  Most stores have activities on the weekend for kids.12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery
  8. Wright Brother Park: Free to visit but a long walk on foot from downtown, loved learning a little about the Wright brother.
  9. Ft. Toulouse and Ft. Jackson: Small fee, ($2 per person) and small forts but great hiking with the kids IMG_1203
  10. Nature Center is $5 per person or $20 for the family for hiking and to learn a little about plants and animals around the area.IMG_1271
  11. East Mall Ice Skating: $8 per person to ice skate for 2.5 hours – we had so much fun we didn’t make it the whole time.
  12. Playgrounds: Free to visit and Montgomery has five great playgrounds all over the city that we had a lot of fun visiting most of them.

Here are some more great websites, books, and games that we looked at while visiting the 12 Zany Roadschool activities in Montgomery.

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