Lots Summer Activities

20130602-183733.jpgSummer vacation starts for most kids at the end of May or the beginning of June, but for us since we unschool we don’t ever stop learning. I thought it would be fun this summer to make a fun summer list of all the things we want to do or see, integrating it into our lessons.

So here we go… Our goal is to get all 104 more or less activities by the end of summer vacation ( I am either crazy or the best mom IMG_2123in the whole world). My plan is to link every activity we accomplish back to this page, and on each post we will tell how we did it, or what you might need to do to get the activity done. Follow along with us.. give us some ideas…. tell us how you did it… so to get us started here is Phenis and Ferbs theme song…..


I have come to the conclusion that it is summer, and the idea of doing something everyday just to put it on the web is nuts.  So I am going to do my best to deliver something everyday but I think quality is better than quantity.


There’s a 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it. So the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend it…

Like Maybe:

  1. building a sprinkler
  2. making shaving cream art
  3. put on a magic show
  4. Sewing Apron from Dad’s old shirt
  5. Have a Tea Party
  6. fairy village
  7. Go to $1 Summer movie and play in the rain
  8. Go on a family Bike Ride
  9. Go Camping
  10. Scottish Festival and learn a little family history
  11. Make a cake by ourselves and do some math
  12. Write to our friends at camp
  13. make pipe cleaner fairies
  14. Make a solar oven and cook S’mores
  15. catch tadpoles and watch them turn into frogs
  16. wind chimes from Perler Beads
  17. Monkey Fist
  18. Solar oven and cook s’mores
  19. Marble roller coaster
  20. Hairy potato experiment
  21. Farmer’s Cheese
  22. Star shirt for 4th July
  23. have a slumber party
  24. board games
  25. water gun fight
  26. make home made cards – cricket style
  27. go cloud watching
  28. go for a hike
  29. walking historical tour of savannah
  30. build a sand castle
  31. look for turtle tracks at the beach
  32. star gazing
  33. water balloon fight
  34. catch a frog
  35. climb a tree
  36. oatland island
  37. mighty eighth museum
  38. tie dye
  39. go camping
  40. visit the scottish games
  41. fashion show
  42. paint our nails
  43. visit a national park
  44. go for a nature bike ride
  45. make a fairy walk
  46. go fishing
  47. learn to juggle
  48. make clay jewelry/clay pens
  49. make chalk
  50. make sidewalk paint
  51. decorate cupcakes
  52. make cookies
  53. play in the mud
  54. picnic
  55. make homemade ice cream
  56. build a blanket fort
  57. camp in back yard
  58. catch fireflies
  59. Fort Pulaski scavenger hunt
  60. plan a garden
  61. plant our garden
  62. paint pet rocks
  63. go bird watching
  64. lemonade stand
  65. give our dog a bath
  66. play scrabble
  67. go to an aquarium
  68. make a campfire
  69. paint with water color
  70. paint with acrylic
  71. paint with oil paint
  72. science experiment day
  73. build with legos
  74. have a doll day
  75. go to $1 movie then skating
  76. learn to shoot a bow and arrow
  77. go play put-put
  78. go geocaching
  79. make paper airplanes – see which flies best
  80. candy science
  81. have a tea party
  82. make homemade popsicles
  83. catch fiddler crabs
  84. butterfly garden
  85. color our hair with kool-aid
  86. horse back riding
  87. soap boats
  88. make boats race in pool
  89. sponge balls
  90. make glow in dark slime
  91. sharpie tie dye
  92. make chalk photo
  93. glowing goo
  94. make a human bubble
  95. duck tape art
  96. sea shell crafts
  97. make leaf print shirt
  98. milk carton house
  99. cardboard castle
  100. tissue paper art
  101. play-doe short circuit
  102. home made lava lamp
  103. paper plate fish
  104. dog treats
  105. make monster pet rocks
  106. grow hair on a potato
  107. make ice chalk
  108. grab and go summer list
  109. make tin can telephone
  110. soap crayons
  111. squirt art
  112. melt crayon – art
  113. twirl paper art
  114. go to a water park
  115. make pretzels
  116. make colored sugar cookies
  117. make a lemon battery