Zion and Bryce National Parks

IMG_3661The word that comes to mind when I think about our drive through Zion and Bryce National Parks is majestic.  We have been in Beaver Utah for the last week trying to do some research on Alaska and avoid the snow (it didn’t work).  By the way, Beaver, Utah is  where the Morman’s came to settle into Utah.  We received several brochures with the history of the town, I am probably the only one that actual read it and then did more research online, and I and the girls found the history very interesting.

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Zion was the first park we drove through and I was amazed about how busy it was even IMG_0074though the season did not start for another week.  We drove down the middle of the park and finally found a parking spot for our huge truck on way back. We did a little hiking and then headed back toward Beaver, Utah and Bryce though mile long tunnel.  Next we visited Bryce which was much higher in elevation and began to snow as the sun began to set.  In Bryce we drove through several arches and back home to even more snow that night.  When we got home I asked both girls to write about our adventure, mainly because the only writing they have done was in their journals.  I must say I was super impressed with Munchy paragraphs because six months ago she was writing in segments, like Huggs is now but I have faith that Huggs will improve as we travel.  Huggs has improved a lot on her reading and so far I am very proud of both of their progress in reading and writing.

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Hugg’s report

We saw buffalo on the way to Bryce Cannon. The sky was cloudy that day and as we drove it began to snow. At one of the overlooks I learned that evergreen trees only grow at this elevation.

On the way to Zion National Park we saw an ostrich that looked like my puppet Olive. Zion is very beautiful because of all colors on the rocks and cliffs. Hiking on the trails was very fun and we found a lot of interesting things. I got scared in the 1.1 mile tunnel because it got cold and dark like a dementor was there

Munchy’s report

Today we went to Zion, on the way we saw ostriches and when we got there all I could see where mountains and lots of cliff with white snow on them. We stopped at a trail, and at the end of the trail we found a river with flowing water. Then we went through a super-duper big tunnel it was 1.1 miles long. We also saw lots of pine trees and a super-duper tall mountain that looked like it touched the sky. On the way out of Zion we decided to go to Bryce Cannon .

So on the way to Bryce Cannon we saw bison and we got so excited when we saw them. We saw a lot of poop or dung in the bison meadow. RVs, campers and tents were making fire and cooking s’mores. When we got to Bryce Cannon we saw snow everywhere and lots of evergreen trees. It also started to snow and the snow flakes looked like stars. Isabelle and I wanted to play in it so bad but it was really cold so we didn’t.


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