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We started our day by going to Pinckney Island to look at the animals and try some hiking with our new walking sticks.  On the way I started reading Charles Darwin’s  biography.

Then we showed Michael the tall ships on the way back into town.  Tip –  for next year go Sunday after 5pm when they take down the barricades, save $75.

We saw the rest of the boats and the new favorite was the Picton Castle – where I heard this….

Yep, I’m sold were sailing around the world on that tall ship!!

That’s what McKenzey and Michael said together to me and Belle – Not on my short list or heck it’s not even on my list, maybe on a huge yacht – with maids, cooks, a crew to take care of me – you know the works, after I win the lottery – Oh yea You have to play to win – oh well! Dream big or go home!!

Here the link if you are interested in sailing around the world – we did find out you have to be 16 years old for the short trips and 18 for the long trips….


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    • Thanks, we try to have fun everyday – that’s what learning is all about. Load all your pictures into wordpress – click another tab at top – gallary tab will show up – click on gallary tab – scroll to the bottom hit slide show – it’s that easy – good luck!